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"Robert F. Lyons is the hidden bonus in Columbia's new box-office hit, Getting Straight. Audience's walk in fully expecting Elliot Gould to swipe all the honors, but they come out with the character of a draft  dodging doper named Nick firmly etched in their minds.  It may be Gould's picture but a big piece of it belongs to Lyons."  

Show Magazine


Shoot Out, co-starring with Gregory Peck, James Gregory & 
Susan Tyrrell

"From what is on the screen, the real star of the film is Robert F. Lyons..."



Cease Fire, co-starring with 
Don Johnson

"Showiest role of the piece, the impulsive buddy, Luke, is expressively handled by well-cast Robert F. Lyons." 
Daily Variety

"Bravura performance." 
Miami Herald


Dealing, Starring 
Robert F. Lyons

"What's unusual about Dealing is that it gives us something valuable in return--believable, sympathetic, very often funny people, among whom there is a boy who actually grows up before our eyes, just the way movie heroes used to, before such growth came to be considered impossibly corny.  To my surprise, I became quite fond of him, and I think you will too."
Richard Schickel, Life


"He's played 'good guys, bad guys, regular guys and some very irregular guys,' always with a perceptible subtext beneath their spoken words.  ... (He) has been credited with outstanding performances in Ten to Midnight and Getting Straight, as well as a dozen or so other feature films.  His television appearances have included Magnum P.I., Quincy and Falcon Crest, along with an arm-long list of TV's highest-rated programs."
Valley Life & Entertainment

Cease Fire

Dark Night of
the Scarecrow


The Todd Killings
"Robert F. Lyons is remarkably complex in his excellent portrait of the charming madman...." 
Judith Crist, New York

"Lyons is a tour de force, alternately appealing and repellent, pathetic yet hateful."

L. A. Times


American Eagle

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