Student Successes

"It took me 4 years and over a dozen acting schools before I found Robert F. Lyons.  I had only booked one commercial and one feature film in that four years.  Over the past year, with Bob, I have booked guest stars on television shows such as Miracles, Alias, and Navy NCIS." 

Travis Aaron

"Bobby's insights and perceptiveness remind me again and again, every class, why we are pursuing this art form.  His individual attention and personal approach to each student, and skill with coaching all levels of actors, mean that we are all learning every minute of his class. I look forward to class all week, and I am always re-energized and motivated afterwards."

Jessika Hughes

"He teaches in a way that is so creative and so safe, that an actor can truly open up and create in that way he has always wanted, but was just a little scared to. The way he handles actors blows me away.  With no invalidation or evaluation, he guides the actor into better and better work."

Jason Dohring

"The changes and excitement you are creating in your group is very exciting, and only a person of your caliber could bring into existence all the wonderful things you create in people, both in the acting world and well beyond that.  You help create people who can go out and create their own big effects, and this seems to be routine for you."

Doug Scott Kramer

"Hi Bobby, I miss you and class.  I am enjoying my time here in Canada.  We haven't started shooting yet, just some rehearsals and voice coaching.  I am using your rehearsal techniques and moment to moment preparation and character breakdown.

(Here are some) jobs I recently booked: a pilot for
The Inside (Fox), and guest-starring/recurring CBS Hallmark movie of the week, Magic of the Ordinary Days.

Thank you again Bobby for these last 5 years.  I love you!
Say hello to class."

Tania Gunadi

"Bobby's class has been a truly wonderful place to grow as an actor.  His classes have been both challenging and nurturing, and he has given me the tools to audition with confidence.  Since working with Bobby, I've booked a number of jobs, including theatre work at The Laguna Playhouse and The Geffen.


"Bobby Lyons literally taught me how to act.  He teaches from step one of the process and takes you to the point where you can find any character in any genre and satisfy any director.  Most importantly, he teaches how to understand the process and apply it to any situation. 

I recently shot two
independent features,
My Tiny Universe, with Lesley Ann Warren, and Cyxork VII, with Ray Wise.  In both cases, the basic tools I leaned from Bobby were in constant use!  Thanks, Bobby!"

Roberto Bacalski

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