K. CALLAN, author of 
The Los Angeles Agent Book, says,

"I saw a production of Savage in Limbo.  The acting was really terrific.  What impressed me most was the really believable and original character work the actors were doing.  I went backstage afterwards to tell the actors how much I enjoyed their work and found out that most of them were students of Robert Lyons."

"An actor thinks in terms of emotions and the effects he/she wants to create.  One must make them real and natural, not forced and 'performed.' 

The acting of today is more a matter of 'being,' therefore it is important to go beyond 'acting.'"


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"This is a place for serious actors who want to make it and I can tell you with honesty, if you come with the intention to make it and apply yourself, YOU WILL WORK!  I have done a Guest Star on Judging Amy, A Guest Star on Cold Case; I got my first pilot as a series regular on UPN's Veronica Mars (produced by Joel Silver, producer of all the Matrix movies), and a recurring role on The Division.  I can work when I want. And that is the stability I always wanted and never had. Now I have it."  Jason Dohring

FLASH!  Jason just started his second season on the TV series, Veronica Mars.

"Let me tell you, without bobby's training I would have never learned how to get to the heart of the character.  Ya know?  The true essence of the Being.  Bobby doesn't teach 'fast food' acting.  Everything is meaningful, everything you do has a reason.  We, as actors, are communicating the human condition.  We are making people 'realize' and see Truth.  That is the bigger picture.  The true picture, if you will.  That is what Bobby teaches."  
Michelle Stafford - The Young and the Restless  

FLASH!  Michelle won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series!

"What you communicate is so true and simple and workable, that I cannot even begin to compare any other teaching or group.  I am so grateful that I walked into your theatre 4 years ago, where you welcomed me to your class.  ... You guided me and showed me the wonderful, artistic, creative, passionate world.  And for that, I can't thank you enough."  Thora Magnusson.

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Monday classes are held at The Actor's Workout Studio 
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