Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How long are the class sessions?
A.  4 hours.

Q.  Are the classes for a certain period, like 4 months?
A.  No, they are ongoing.

Q.  What style is taught?
A.  Robert F. Lyons developed, over the years, those things that actually get an actor to be able to use himself.  Each actor starts with his or her own good qualities.  As a team, we bring out the best of you and then add to that.  You are your own style.

Q.  What is the cost?
A.  It is currently $145, per month, for 4 sessions, payable on the first class day of the month.  If there is a 5th class day that month, you do pay for that.

Q.  Are auditions required for admission?
A.  Normally, yes, but may be waived at Robert F.'s discretion, based upon your experience level.

Q.  Can I audit the class?

A.  Auditing of classes is allowed and encouraged, with the permission of Robert F.  There is a small fee of $20.

Q.  How often do I get to work in a class?
A.  Just about every session.

Q.  What if I miss class?
A.  If you are taking either of the two classes currently offered and you miss a session, you can make it up in the other class at no additional cost.

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